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Union County Residents Annual Open Enrollment Period Oct 1 - Nov 30


   Few people ever plan to need an ambulance, but the fact is that hundreds of times each year ProMed responds when a life is on the line. Many others rely on the compassionate care that the highly trained professionals bring each time an ambulance is called. While people recognize that the cost of an ambulance is no longer free, support for this special cost saving program is a solid community investment. ProMed and PriorityCare members recognize that the ambulance membership program makes it possible for ProMed to provide the highest quality care possible � paramedic advanced life support. Even in remote rural areas, paramedics are readily available and bring a virtual rolling emergency room to the patients side. More importantly, members realize the financial savings that the program provides to them and to the community. With the cost of a single emergency response exceeding $500, a ProMed or PriorityCare ambulance membership helps offset these often unexpected medical expenses. Even with a significant segment of the population covered by some form of insurance, most plans - including Medicare and Medicaid -- do not fully cover the costs for ambulance service. Many times, the patient is responsible for non-covered services and non-allowed charges. The fact is, you are probably only partially insured for the actual cost of ambulance and emergency medical services. As a ProMed or PriorityCare member, you're costs may be fully covered and, in cases where no insurance is available or the insurance denies the claim, you are given a 40% discount off of the normal fees. Those without a membership must pay 100% of the ambulance bill each time the ambulance is used. That adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings if the ambulance is only used one time.

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